A Multifunctional Workspace on Martha Stewart’s Bedford Farm

Transforming an empty wall into a productive office solution.

Client Martha Stewart

Location Katlonah, NY

Design consultant Tara Blanchet


What she wanted

Martha Stewart, the original lifestyle and homekeeping influencer, knows how to do it all.  Optimizing her carriage house to double as an apartment-meets-workspace was no exception.

The charming apartment, which serves as a guest quarters for her friend and colleague Kevin Sharkey, had been on Martha’s list of home improvement projects.  

When she finally had a break in her busy schedule, she decided to tackle the project by maximizing underutilized wall space with The Everyday System,™ the modular storage collection she designed in collaboration with California Closets. She envisioned a streamlined office configuration that provided function, flexibility, and a complementary nod to the apartment’s vintage mid-century furniture and accessories.


How we did it

Martha collaborated with California Closets’ National Sales Manager Tara Blanchet to design the office system. Using CAD technology, Tara worked around the room’s sloped ceilings, rendering a clean design that not only gave Martha the storage she needed, but also beautifully framed a window looking out over her paddocks and the country landscape. 

Once the design was complete, Martha opted for California Closets’ professional installation services so she could chronicle the entire start-to-finish process on her blog


Final result

With its generous desktop space, open shelving, deep drawers, and even a USB port, Martha’s modular office checks all the boxes. Her choice of pairing Perry St. White Woodgrain with white metal creates a timeless look that suits the space perfectly. Fully outfitted with her own office supplies and pops of Martha’s iconic color palette, the entire workspace now feels fresh and personalized.


  • Finish: Perry St. White Woodgrain
  • Metal: Gloss White
  • 3 wooden drawer with file cabinet


Stefan Radtke

“Working with Martha was wonderful! She has so many ideas and so much experience.”

Tara Blanchet

“These components can change, and improve everyday living. They feature a modern palette of wood and metal finishes that can fit in every home.”

Martha Stewart