Woman hanging Clothing on White Hangers

How to Choose the Right Hanger

Choosing the right kind of hanger is an important part of organizing your closet. Not only can they help to preserve your wardrobe, but also maximize storage space and closet use. Ultimately, choosing the right kind for you comes down to three things: the type of wardrobe you have, the size of your closet, and your style preference. Wondering which collection is right for you? We’re here to walk you through it. Read on to find out.

If you have: a large clothing collection and/or tight closet space

Choose: Space Saving Hangers

Our Space Saving nonslip hangers were meticulously designed to free up to 50% space in your closet. Featuring an ultra-thin silhouette, they’re a must-have for organizing big wardrobes or maximizing storage in small closets. Their thin profile makes them especially useful for clothing collections heavy in sweaters, jackets, or thick scarves; they allow you to hang more so you can use drawers and shelf room for other necessities. Plus, their smooth draped design with a nonslip rubberized stain preserves your clothing’s shape and quality.

If you have: high-quality garments that require superior care

Choose: Premium Wood Hangers

Sculpted from lotus wood for optimal balance and support, our Premium nonslip hangers make sure your best clothing (think suits, jackets, sweaters, slacks) stays in top condition. The hangers feature careful contouring and a thick, durable frame to support clothing heavy in weight (like suits) and remove the risk for warping or stretch. For jackets and delicate shirts susceptible to disfiguration, the hanger’s smooth silhouette maintains the natural shoulder mold and eliminates surprise “bat-wings”. For slacks and skirts, satin-nickel hooks hold clothing taut and keep them wrinkle-free.

If you have: a clear eye for quality and style

Choose: The Acrylic Hanger

For those seeking style without sacrificing quality, the Acrylic hanger is the perfect solution. The hanger is beautifully designed with a clear frame that easily complements robust wardrobes of varying styles and colors. Plus, its transparent aesthetic disappears into the closet to create a clean look. The slim hanger conserves space and keeps clothing in tact, resulting in a functional collection for the style-forward fashionista.

Questions? We’re here—and happy!—to help. Shoot us an email, give us a call, chat us online, or contact your design consultant. Hangers are important—together we can find the perfect option for you.