Living Big in a
Small Apartment

Just one organized closet helps a family of four live in 800 square feet.

Client Sarah Ewick

Location San Francisco, CA

Design consultant Cygridh Rooney


What she wanted

Sarah Ewick, partnerships director at MOTHER, had a goal of a modern, functional, closet for her young daughters. Because Ewick and her family rent their San Francisco apartment, a custom solution was out of the question. However, more storage for kids’ clothes and toys with higher shelves to store toys with tiny parts (to keep them out of reach for her youngest daughter) was a must. Her daughters’ closet had turned into the default storage space for items that didn’t have a home—books, toys, extra bedding, and clean laundry.


How we did it

Sarah worked with design consultant Cygridh Rooney to configure The Everyday System™ to her family’s needs. Rooney helped Ewick figure out how many drawers, shelves, clothing racks, and cabinets they needed to give clothing, toys, and miscellaneous items a permanent home. They were able to fit a 14-inch-deep system on one side of the closet and a 20-inch-deep system on the other to maximize every inch of available space. 

To keep the walk-in closet light and airy—and to contrast the darker bedroom—Ewick chose the Perry St. White Woodgrain finish, pairing it with Gold Metal. 

We shipped the system directly to Sarah’s apartment, and she and her husband installed it that weekend.


Final Results

The walk-in closet now has more than enough space to store not only kids clothing and toys, but also Ewick and her husband’s clothes and less-used items like an earthquake kit and bulky winter coats. More storage in just her kid’s room made all the difference: Ewick was able to also clear out her living room closet and turn it into a dedicated home office—a must with COVID-related stay-at-home orders. 

Also, her older daughter Nell discovered her new favorite hideaway: Her very own, beautifully organized closet. Read more on Mother.


        Finish: Perry Street White Woodgrain

        Metal: Gloss Gold 

        Metal mesh cabinets


Maria Del Rio

“Because we rent, we needed a closet system that wasn’t permanent, provided the flexibility to change over time, and could easily be disassembled and reinstalled in a new space.”

Sarah Ewick

“The Everyday System has genuinely improved life in our not-quite 800-square-foot apartment. Spending more time at home now than ever, I’ve realized how important it is for everything to have a ‘home’ to be returned to at the end of the day.”

Sarah Ewick