A Happy, Organized Craft Studio

The crafting mastermind behind P.S. I Made This transforms her studio using The Everyday System.

Client Erica Domesk

Location Los Angeles, CA

Design consultant Katherine Mills-Tierney


What she wanted

Erica Domesek, the creative force and personality behind P.S. I Made This, a DIY lifestyle brand, set out to rethink the storage for her collection of crafting supplies. She wanted a solution that kept her neat and organized and also felt like an art supply store—one she would get to “shop” every day. 

Erica decided to use her stay-at-home time during the pandemic to get rid of crafting supplies she hadn’t used in a while and get her studio organized. She worked with California Closets design consultant Katharine Mills-Tierney to customize The Everyday System™—our modular, quick ship organization system—to her functional and creative needs.


How we did it

Erica and Katharine paired a white finish with gold metal to create a clean and happy backdrop for the soon-to-be-organized creative space. 

Next, they played around with the various components of The Everyday System for a combination of both closed storage (metal mesh drawers and cabinets and soft-close drawers) and minimal open shelving to reduce clutter and meet all of Erica’s evolving storage needs. 


Final Results

The cheerful and organized studio space exceeded both Erica and Katharine’s high expectations. The Everyday System fills the space with elegance while providing plentiful, flexible storage options for Erica’s many supplies and creative pursuits, which she can now easily find.


        Finish: Perry St. White Woodgrain

        Metal: Gloss Gold 

        Metal mesh cabinets and bins


Emma Feil Photography

“We played with the different ‘building blocks’ of the EDS system to come up with a mix of drawers and baskets and open and closed spaces that would give Erica the flexibility she needed.”

Katharine Mills-Tierney

“This incredible transformation happened during a global pandemic, which ended up bringing some much-needed love into this space. I learned to focus on things that brought me joy and said goodbye to the things that were collecting dust and had not been touched in years.”

Erica Domesek